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Recruitment Services

ELM Tree is committed to helping you search for the ideal candidates by tapping into Ontario’s hidden talent pool. Our goal is to assist employers in Ontario by providing temporary-to-hire and permanent recruitment solutions that are tailored to your criteria. With our comprehensive plans, we will work with you to design a recruitment strategy to meet your business needs.

Crafting Job Descriptions

Application Review



Interview Process

& Reference Check

Onboarding and Training

Determine what you’re looking for in a candidate.

  • ELM Tree is committed to sourcing the right candidates for your company. 

  • Whether it is from exploring the hidden job market or through our job boards, our extensive employment relations allow us to obtain a wider pool of candidates, which improves our success in finding your ideal candidate.

Work Decisions

Crafting Job Descriptions

Let us handle the interview process for you.

  • We understand how overwhelming the interview process could get.

  • At ELM Tree, our qualified interviewing staff will handle the interview process for your company on your behalf.

  • Throughout the process, we work alongside your company to ensure that our interview process matches your criteria.

Job Interview

Interview Process & Reference Check

Screen applications based on your criteria.

A pen on a pile of documents

Application Review

  • Our simple yet effective application and pre-screening process make it easier to find the right candidate based on your criteria.

  • Together, we will develop a pre-screening process in order to ensure a smooth transition into the hiring process.

Have a question?

Find the right candidates for the positions you’re hiring for.

  • After an extensive process of evaluating the candidate through our specialized interviewing process, ELM Tree will determine if the candidate is an ideal fit using your preferences.

  • Once selected, the candidate will undergo the necessary onboarding process and we will supply any required documents needed for employment.

Job interview

Onboarding & Training

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