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About Us

ELM Tree is a Toronto-based Not-for-Profit working to bolster industries in greatest need of support.

We help in areas of workplace, staffing and leadership development in the healthcare and long-term care sectors.
An image of Toronto, showing the CN Tower and surrounding buildings and lake.
An image of a man shaking hands with someone.


An image of a man shaking hands with someone.

Our mission is to provide workforce staffing solutions that drive a positive change in the long-term care sector and other hospital settings, by building an efficient recruitment pipeline to support both candidates and employers. 

An image of an elderly man who is sitting next to a person.


An image of an elderly man who is sitting next to a person.

Our vision is to improve the culture of long-term care homes to establish a safe and secure sector for our most vulnerable.


  • Leadership Development Training: Developing leaders can allow them to create a positive image and reputation of the organization as an employer of choice, as well as foster a work environment that attracts, engages, motivates, and retains talent.

  • Recruitment Pipeline Mapping: ELM Tree will work with the long-term care homes and hospitals to identify the staffing needs and design a sustainable plan to build the recruitment pipeline for a lasting staffing strategy.

  • Conduct active searches: ELM Tree will take a professional services approach to engage and consult with the home or hospital to initiate active searches to fill immediate roles.

Our Story


After a decade of consultation with industry, students, recent grads, and Provincial Ministers of Training Colleges and Universities and Economic Development and Growth, ELM Tree was registered as a not-for-profit organization with the purpose to address a growing training and employment problem.


In March of 2020, the organizational structure was significantly disrupted by the pandemic. Faced with the issue of pivoting the business to remain viable and eventually emerge successfully from the pandemic, the ELM Tree board decided to refocus its efforts to support demand-driven staffing solutions for sectors hardest hit by the pandemic.  As the pandemic ensued, the recruitment and staffing issues faced by long-term care (LTC) became more widely known and society was able to see this situation in the way that it had been experienced by those working on the front lines. The term crisis is currently widely accepted to describe this staffing problem.


In July of 2021, ELM Tree directed efforts to work on initiatives designed to address Personal Support Worker (PSW) and Nurse staff shortages in LTC and related health care settings. 

A message from our board chair

Tomorrow, I wish to be reporting that we have solved the resource issues that we face in healthcare.


For many years, Canadians have experienced the privilege and reputation of having a system that provided the safety and security that we have invested diligently to build. The past three years have encouraged us to refocus our efforts on those areas that we rely on for care, cure, and comfort.

Today, we start the journey that has our long-term care (LTC) facilities fully staffed to care for our most vulnerable; has our hospital emergency departments open and ready to serve; and keeps our healthcare workers safe and well compensated for the invaluable work that we all need them to do.


ELM Tree’s mission is driven by how we get there. Our focus is workforce staffing solutions that impact LTC and hospital settings. The goal is to build an efficient recruitment pipeline to support candidates and employers while supporting workers through professional development activities that keep the workplace respectful, engaging, and current.  


Ultimately, we are a service delivery organization. If you have hiring needs, an interest to improve your recruitment pipeline, or need to work through your long-term staffing plan – contact us!

Roger Francis, Board Chair

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