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ELM Tree - Seeking to solve Ontario’s healthcare staffing shortage

Updated: Jul 21, 2023


Ontario’s healthcare sector is struggling. If you have been to a hospital or clinic in the past few years, you might have felt it from the agonizing wait times in the emergency room or the frustrating wait times to see a specialist. If you have a loved one in a long-term care home, you might know about the long waitlists of people trying to get admission into a home.

At the very least, if you haven’t experienced any of the above, you most probably have heard in the news about the system being under immense strain. The shortage of staff has led to current staff becoming burned out from the stressful working conditions, which has resulted in high turnover rates. Patients and residents are not receiving the care they need and deserve and staff are struggling to keep up with the never-ending work.

So this is where we come in.

Welcome to ELM Tree

ELM Tree is a not-for-profit organization, based in Toronto, Canada that is seeking to solve the issue of the staffing crisis in the healthcare sector in Ontario.

By working with organizations such as long-term care homes and hospitals, we hope to help them develop an efficient recruitment pipeline so that they can hire enough qualified employees. Furthermore, we want to provide leadership development training to the leadership of long-term care homes and hospitals. Finally, we will consult with the home or hospital to initiate active searches to fill immediate roles.

We provide many different services to people of various backgrounds, from the leadership of long-term care homes and hospitals to current students to established professionals. These include career services to help support those searching for jobs, such as building strong resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews, hosting networking events, and providing job coaching. We provide recruitment services for healthcare organizations such as developing job descriptions, reviewing applications, providing interview support, and training and onboarding new employees so that they are prepared to meet the demands of the sector.

Our goal is to have the healthcare sector be sufficiently staffed and improve the work culture of healthcare organizations so that staff feel respected, get proper compensation, and enjoy a safe and secure work environment.

We aim to raise awareness about the issues plaguing our healthcare system by sharing the latest research and updates from the sector on our website and blog. So, whether you’re someone who requires our services or not, we hope you will stick around to see what ELM Tree has to offer. Our communities deserve better quality and faster access to care and we hope you will support us in the journey to making this happen.

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