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Leadership Training

ELM Tree provides leadership development training which is delivered through a program that covers three important topics: transformational leadership, problem solving, and internal work culture. 


Enhancing and developing leadership in LTC improves efficiency, safety, and excellence in care. ELM Tree leadership development training allows you to invest in transformational leadership; build your capacity for on-the-job problem solving; and create an internal work culture that attracts top candidates and keeps top performers supported and happy. In addition to learning theory and concepts, the training is delivered with interactive exercises to reinforce learning, examine case studies, and better understand the content to develop strong leadership skills.

Transformational Leadership

Problem Solving

Internal Work Culture

This topic covers:

  • Effective leadership styles within LTC homes and various healthcare systems

  • Implementing and identifying transformational leadership from managers and supervisors

  • Examine better teamwork efficiencies and improve leader-individual contributor relations

This training covers various exercises that help leaders identify how they can use more inclusive and understanding language when working in team environments.

This topic covers:

  • Conflicts faced by staff in long-term care homes

  • Examine various conflict modes and how to apply to unique situations

  • Emotional intelligence and how it relates to conflict resolution

The training covers various exercises to help you with:

  • Understanding the conflict style you gravitate towards and utilizing the best conflict style in various situations

  • Understanding and developing your emotional intelligence

This topic covers:

  • Improving the internal culture of various healthcare systems and homes through training and exercises

  • Learn approaches to establishing a more caring, enabling, and nurturing environment for healthcare workers

  • Understanding the key successes and barriers of the approaches, and how you can best implement them for your work environment

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