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Learning Specialist

Our Learning Resource is developed to promote active learning in math, and literacy through a unique approach that celebrates curiosity, develops confidence, nurtures relationships, and promotes healthy emotional experiences. 

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This section provides resources that will support students with language, reading, and writing. This component will draw focus on how educators and parents can support their children in improving their literacy, and reading habits with a variety of activities and worksheets. 


This section provides resources that will support the teaching and learning of math, both in the classroom and at home. There are a total of 5 teaching and/or learning approaches included. each approach is explained, and you are provided with instruction on how to implement it, organization/set-up suggestions, and a wide variety of templates. In addition to the information and resources there are some example worksheets and activities that support the Ontario Math Curriculum.

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This section provides resources that will help to support youth mental health at home and in the classroom. There are information sheets and worksheets included that can be printed for the classroom or sent home with students. They can be used and modified to the specific needs of students.  

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