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Meet the Team


Mackenzie Walker

In her position as a Learning Specialist, Mackenzie is responsible for creating the Math component of ELM Tree’s resources. She is currently going into her 3rd year at Trent University Durham for a BAH in Child and Youth Studies, along with being a student in the Teacher Education Stream. As someone who is passionate about helping students Mackenzie is excited to be able to work the kids and provide the right resources for their individual growth.


Caelainn Cox

Learning Specialist

As a Learning Specialist, Caelainn is working on the emotional regulation and mental health component. Being a post-secondary student herself, it has made Caelainn realize the importance of such topics being introduced in the classroom by teachers and at home by parents. She hopes to shed light on how mental health and emotional regulation in children can have a significant impact on their education.

Nakita Francis.jpg

Nakita Francis

Learning Specialist

As a Learning Specialist, Nakita is building the literacy resources structured to support educators, parents, and students for their learning journey. Most of Nakita’s work focuses on language development, reading and writing to engage students both in the classroom and while at home. She is a registered Early Childhood Educator, and her goal is to create a curriculum that in inclusive and experiential for all students.

Learning Specialist


Lucy Vassyukova

Recruitment Specialist

As a part of the Recruitment Team, Lucy is always researching into the youth employment landscape to determine what services can be offered to support employers and job seekers. Her priorities are ensuring that today’s youth have access to resources and services so that they are prepared when they step into the job market.


Ishmile Razack

Recruitment Specialist

As a Recruitment Specialist, Ishmile, works toward the development and research of the different services provided by ELM Tree. As someone who is passionate about improving the overall job market, Ishmile believes this is one of the first steps. He wants to ensure that employers and students can find suitable matches for their growth.


Quincy Clarke

Project Designer 

As a Project Designer, Quincy is primarily working on the improvement of ELM Tree’s digital experience. He ensures that our customers can access all our resources with ease. As someone who is passionate and enjoys designing, Quincy has been able to enhance the overall aesthetic of our digital resources.

Muzhda Iqbal

Project Officer

As a Project Officer, Muzhda is responsible for working closely with the Learning and Recruitment teams to provide support. Along with that she provides support on the development of the website and digital materials. As someone who is passionate about working with the youth and has previous experience with them, she has seen how experiential learning benefits and improves their skills overall.

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